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Get Involved

Volunteer of the Month

April 2022

Olivia Dolinsky

For seven years, Olivia Dolinsky has been actively involved with our Language Services Department, where she volunteers as a Translator and Interpreter…. Read More

March 2022

Mandy Vanderhooft

For the past three years, Mandy Vanderhooft has volunteered as a One-on-One English Tutor at Immigrant Centre Manitoba…. Read More

February 2022

Caroline Josephson

Seven years ago, Caroline Josephson applied for a volunteer position at the Immigrant Centre because she just wanted to help and give back to the community…. Read More

January 2022

Sarah Ragoub

Sarah Ragoub volunteers as a One-on-One English Tutor. Her attentiveness to her student’s needs and enthusiasm for teaching has made her a stand-out volunteer,… Read More

December 2021

Dana Kapoostinsky

Dana Kapoostinsky volunteers as a One-on-One English Tutor.  She began an initial three-month commitment in February 2021,… Read More

November 2021

Omran Zahrab

Oman Zahrab  arrived in Canada from Iraq in 2018. “I am Kurdish from Syria, and I was a refugee in Iraq for six years.” While in Iraq,… Read More

October 2021

Chiazor Chukwulobe

Chiazor Chukwulobe volunteers as an English Conversation Group Facilitator. Although new to the Centre, she has quickly made a positive impression for her strong work ethic,… Read More

September 2021

Natalie Klenke

Natalie Klenke has been volunteering at the Immigrant Centre as a One-on-One English Tutor since October 2020…. Read More

August 2021

Tayebeh Jafari

Tayebeh volunteers as a Translator and Interpreter. She has a BA degree in English and worked as a librarian in Iran…. Read More

July 2021

Cindy Yumang

Cindy has lived in Canada for almost eight years, and is a Community Service Worker student at Academy of Learning…. Read More

June 2021

Alejandro Quiceno

Alejandro Quiceno joined the Immigrant Centre’s Employment Services team as a practicum student from the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology’s Business Administration program…. Read More

May 2021

Ernie Nuytten

Four and a half years ago, a conversation with a friend prompted Ernie Nuytten to apply to volunteer at Immigrant Centre Manitoba…. Read More