Get Involved

Get Involved

Volunteer of the Month

January 2017

Dorin Adenekan

When you meet Dorin C. Adenekan her passion for her work is
immediately evident.  Since July 4,… Read More

December 2016

Derryl Millar

One-to-One English Teacher

As a volunteer tutor in the Immigrant Centre’s One-to-One English
program, Derryl Millar has contributed almost 90 hours of volunteer time
since joining the Centre in 2014…. Read More

November 2016

Luis Picalua

Computer Training Facilitator

Luis Picalua volunteers in the Computer Training Program at the
Immigrant Centre. Of his volunteer experience since joining the Centre
in January 2016 he says,… Read More

October 2016

Michael Spivak

Language Bank Volunteer

Michael Spivak is a busy man. “For eight hours during the day, I am a
computer engineer…. Read More

September 2016

Alyssa Chapman

Alyssa Chapman volunteers as a One-to-One English Tutor,
helping newcomers develop their English Language skills. … Read More

August 2016

Kago Badubi

Computer Training Facilitator

In November 2015 Kago Badubi joined the team of volunteers at the
Immigrant Centre as a Computer Training Facilitator…. Read More

July 2016

Laila El-Deeb

Cooking & Nutrition Class Interpreter

Like many volunteers at the Immigrant Centre, Laila El-Deeb first came to the Centre as a client…. Read More

June 2016

Rodrigo Damas

Computer Training Facilitator

Nine months ago, Rodrigo Damas arrived in Winnipeg from Brazil, and since then he
has become a familiar face
at the Immigrant Centre…. Read More

May 2016

Ted Wakefield

Conversation Group Facilitator

Meet Ted Wakefield, a Conversation Group
Facilitator at the Immigrant Centre since April 2015. Although it’s been
just over a year since he joined the Immigrant Centre,… Read More

April 2016

Erum Imran

Conversation Group Facilitator

Erum Imran is a TESL certified teacher with almost 7 years of
teaching experience. After completing a Master’s degree in International
Relations,… Read More

March 2016

Tetyana Vavriychuk

Computer Training Facilitator

Tetyana  Vavriychuk has volunteered as a Computer Training
Facilitator at the Immigrant Centre since December 2014…. Read More

February 2016

Corina Coombe

In the summer of 2014, Corina Coombe approached the Immigrant Centre
with the idea of volunteering her time and expertise to start a quilting
class…. Read More