AEC Activity Plans

Conversations Circles allow newcomers to practice English in a casual environment

These activity plans are designed to support the needs of volunteers who facilitate adult EAL conversation groups.  The activities vary by Canadian Language Benchmark, CLB, level and the topics focus on settlement issues in Manitoba to address learners’ immediate needs.

All the activity plans have been designed for a 90-minute-group frame and the main goal is to enhance listening and speaking skills. The format is pdf; if volunteers wish to manipulate/change content, a Word version can be emailed  upon request.

If you need additional support on how to adapt any of these activity plans to your group, please contact the Access English Centre team at 204.943.9969 extension 222

  • News in Levels – The News presented for listening and reading activities. Covering Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level learners.
  • Immigrants and Careers – By clicking on Browse Short Stories facilitators have access to several personal short stories from immigrants who have settled in Manitoba. There are many themes including: finding work, workplace culture and life in Manitoba. Some stories are read-only while others have a listening component.
  • English Central –English Central contains several short video clips on several important topics including: daily life, education, environment, getting around, health, socializing, etc. Some videos are for higher level students while others are more suited for intermediate and beginner level students. After watching a few videos the website asks the user to register, but don’t worry it’s free!
  • EAL Fast –ESL is a useful website to engage learners in a variety of everyday topics. The website contains 365 short stories for learners to read and discuss. Each story comes with a listening component and follow-up exercises such as yes/no questions, cloze exercises and vocabulary building. The website also contains several conversations for beginner and intermediate learners to practice. Common topics include daily life, transportation, entertainment, sports and jobs.
  • Listening Room –The Bow Valley College Listening Room is a listening website which contains several meaningful and everyday conversations students can listen to, practice and discuss. The conversations are categorized into 3 levels: Level 1 (beginner level), Level 2 (intermediate level) and Level 3 (advanced level).
  • EAL / ESL Lab –Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab contains an exhaustive list of conversation dialogues for EAL learners. Conversations are categorized into three sections: easy, medium and difficult. The website also contains basic listening quizzes, listening quizzes for academic purposes, vocabulary lessons, language learning tips and short videos.