English Language Partner Program

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This is an informal program that connects newcomers to community volunteers, for help with practicing and improving their English conversation skills. Our English Language Partner program (previously One-on-One English Tutor program) helps adult EAL learners who have beginner to intermediate level English to:

  • Improve their English speaking and listening skills
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Make connections with long-time Canadians and established immigrants in their community
  • Get a better understanding of various aspects of life in Canada
  • Feel at home in Canada and their community. 

Learners meet with their Language Partner once a week, for 90 minutes, for 3 months. 

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This program is available to Immigrant Centre clients who have Permanent Resident or CUAET visa status. To request an English Language Language Partner, contact Ann Mohammed at Note: Due to high demand, there is currently a waitlist for this program. 

Interested in volunteering as an English Language Language Partner? Click here to apply.