Success Stories

Jigisha Shah – India – Cashier Associate

Country: India

Date Hired: September 3rd

Job Title: Cashier Associate

Employer: Home Depot

How did the Immigrant Centre help you to find a job in Canada?
Immigrant Centre is such a great place for new comers. My mentor Nestor was also very helpful. They were giving all updates with mails. They give training for work culture and language. Nestor helped me to improve my resume. I Did few meetings for further update. They direct us to some wonderful opportunities. I am so happy to be a part of it.

What types of job search techniques did you use to find your job?
Talked to friends, job fair and online job search websites

What differences have you noticed between working in Canada and working in your home country?
Work culture and importance of safety

What advice would you give to immigrants and newcomers looking for work?
Definitely recommend immigrant centre to learn basic things and do more networking for job search!