Success Stories

Neguse Giday -Ethiopia – Member Service Representative

Country: Ethiopia

Date Hired: July 7, 2021

Job Title: MSR (at CCU)

Employer: Cambrian Credit Union (Current)

How did the Immigrant Centre help you to find a job in Canada?
Immigrant center helped me to find first job that wrote my resume, taught me how to apply for jobs and prepare for interviews ( an interview skills), provided me different short term trainings such as introduction to computer, English language classes, different workshops and driver license knowledge test training.

What types of job search techniques did you use to find your job?
I found my first job through immigrant center reference linked me with neighborhood employment resource center (who provides pilot training program for newcomers) that also helped me a lot in my career development and commence education not only to find a job. But I found the recent job through searching website ( the company website).

What differences have you noticed between working in Canada and working in your home country?
Well, working in new environment (position) can be challenging even in my home country. But I have noticed working in Canada is more challenging than my home country due to new culture (work-culture & work-environment), language barriers, lack of contacts (moving away from family and friends' support), time management & weather hardship and lack of psychological safety.

What advice would you give to immigrants and newcomers looking for work?
In all possible ways, effectively use short term trainings, workshops, language classes, mentoring & coaching and other resources & services that provided through community centers (such as immigrate center and others). They are there to help the community particularly immigrants and newcomers. Having said that, do not limit yourself to online applications during your job search and expand network. Tip, have short term and long term plans. Plan to commence your career (education) for your betterment and remember to involve (volunteer) in local community.