Success Stories

Sandeep Kaur – India – Operations Specialist

Country: India

Date Hired: November 2020

Job Title: Operations Specialist

Employer: Skip the Dishes

How did the Immigrant Centre help you to find a job in Canada?
As an immigrant it was not that easy for me to get a good job for myself. There were so many obstacles such as language problem, no references, how to intract with employers. Then somebody told me about immigrants centre. I went there and did my registration. It was so good to know that there is someone who can help me to find a job and I do not need to pay them. It was a ray of hope for me. I got appointment with Manami Alexander, she was so polite and understanding. She tought me where I can look for jobs, how to make my resume for a specific job and how to apply for various jobs and told me about various job opportunities. I started my journey with all her guidance and soon I got interview calls. I was so excited when first time I saw an email for interview. Then Manami helped me to prepare for interview, as this is totaly new place from the place where I was raised so I was unaware how interviews are conducted here. She build a confidence in me and continues interactions with her sharpened my speaking skills. With Manami's help I got my first jon here in Manitoba with Skip The dishes as an operation specialist. Now, I am earning good and living a happy life. I am not dependent on anyone anymore. It is not difficult for me to support my livlihood now. Thank you so much everyone who is involved in this nobel cause. It is fulfilling many people's aspirations.