Success Stories

Yuliia, Ukraine, Florist

Country: Ukraine,

Date Hired: May 23, 2022

Job Title: Florist

Employer: Beyond Flowers

How did the Immigrant Centre help you to find a job in Canada?
(ICM) taught me how to apply for jobs

What types of job search techniques did you use to find your job?
Talked to people

What differences have you noticed between working in Canada and working in your home country?
In Ukraine I had my own business. In Canada I have a job, which I like so much. Florist - it's my profession. Flowers - it's my love. I have a kind bosses and a friendly colleagues.

What advice would you give to immigrants and newcomers looking for work?
I am newcomer. When a big war started in Ukraine I came to Canada with my little son and I need to earn money. I looked for the seminar for florists to improve my skills and the women who organised this seminar said about me in Beyond flowers flower shop.It was the way how I found my first job in Canada. It's something like co-working.