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Volunteer feedback: Darlene

As we work to adapt to our new reality amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one of our volunteers shared her feedback and gratitude:

Walter, on behalf of all the staff and volunteers jumping into the fire of modern technology to use cutting edge service to newcomers of our great facility, community, city, and Country, THANK YOU for committing to that standard. The Immigrant Centre Manitoba and you are offering more than a newcomers necessary service for successful acclimation to a new culture and language but also providing the staff and instructors an opportunity for personal growth and advancement. Each of us is taking on an interesting and fulfilling challenge at the exactly perfect moment in time —we are all craving something to occupy us and to give us a sense of purpose in a time of helplessness (people are suffering one way or another all around).

THANK YOU for the opportunity. This added skill personally for me will undoubtedly benefit my CV and resume never mind choices and opportunities for me. Thank you thank you thank you. This Centre is exceptionally special to me.” -Darlene 

We thank Darlene for her kind words! We’re glad we have been able to continue helping volunteers and clients seamlessly through technology, despite the constrains of the pandemic.