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Volunteer of the Month

Chiazor Chukwulobe

Chiazor Chukwulobe volunteers as an English Conversation Group Facilitator. Although new to the Centre, she has quickly made a positive impression for her strong work ethic, and passion for teaching. 

An educator and school head with over 16 years experience – she has a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, two post graduate degrees in Education and a Master of Arts degree – Chiazor wanted to continue to work in an educational setting, once she immigrated to Canada. “I am big on research. Before arriving in Canada, I did my research to get ready for the move”. Once here, she continued to search for opportunities in her field of interest, and that’s how she stumbled upon the Immigrant Centre’s Access English Centre.

“I looked on the website and noticed that there was a lot of structure in the organization, and I thought, this was an organization that I would like to be part of, so I applied to volunteer. I really appreciate Walter giving me a chance.” 

Speaking with Chiazor, it’s hard to miss her enthusiasm for teaching, and her eagerness to give back and help others. “Oh my goodness, it’s been fulfilling, awesome, enriching… I am doing what I love to do, and I’m really happy doing it. I enjoy watching people grow with me, because I am also learning. As a teacher, it is important to appreciate other people’s cultures, and learn about other people’s countries. I really enjoy that.”