Immigrant Centre now open for in-person services.


Volunteer of the Month

Cindy Yumang

Cindy has lived in Canada for almost eight years, and is a Community Service Worker student at Academy of Learning. In June, Cindy joined the Centre to complete her practicum placement, working closely with Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker Coordinator.

How did you hear about the Immigrant Centre (IC)? 

I heard about the Immigrant Centre in 2013 when we arrived in Canada. My aunt invited me to join one of the programs for newcomers that Ms. Roselyn Advincula was facilitating. Since then, I have found the Immigrant Centre to be a great place for welcoming newcomers.

Why did you decide to volunteer/complete your practicum at IC?

I decided to volunteer at the Immigrant Centre because I love helping people and talking to different nationalities. I know the feeling of being a newcomer to a new country, and I can say that it is hard. I wanted to give back and help the community.

What has your volunteer/practicum experience been like at IC?

My experience as a volunteer at the Immigrant Centre was amazing. I have learned so many things about different programs that the Centre has to offer. I was so honoured to get the opportunity to work as a volunteer. It really was a great learning experience for me. Thank you to Ms. Roselyn Advincula and Ms. Ann Mohammed for allowing me to be a part of the Centre.

Did you learn anything about the IC that you didn’t know before volunteering?

Before, I thought that the Immigrant Centre was only for immigrants. It is amazing to know that the Centre is helping our International Students. The Immigrant Centre is really a great organization because they are opening doors for everyone, not only immigrants but also students. This is such a great support system for our International Students.