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Volunteer of the Month

Mandy Vanderhooft

For the past three years, Mandy Vanderhooft has volunteered as a One-on-One English Tutor at Immigrant Centre Manitoba. “I had friends who worked in EAL, and I had EAL students in my school, so I thought that this was something I could do when I retired.”

After retiring from an 18 year career as an elementary school teacher, she followed through with her plan and applied to volunteer at the Centre. The services offered by the Centre and its central location appealed to her, as did the opportunity to try to help the community in a tangible way.

Working with her students has been an exciting experience. Mandy enjoys seeing their progress and helping them achieve their goals. “It’s really exciting to be able to celebrate with them, and to get to know them more than a student.”

Meeting a new student has always been a highlight for Mandy. “It takes a courageous individual to come to a new country. I always feel that I learn as much as they do, and I get to see through the eyes of another person even though briefly.”

Thank you Mandy. You have been an exceptional volunteer, and we at the Immigrant Centre are fortunate to have you on our team!