Immigrant Centre now open for in-person services.


Volunteer of the Month

Natalie Klenke

Natalie Klenke has been volunteering at the Immigrant Centre as a One-on-One English Tutor since October 2020. In addition to her volunteer work, Natalie is a Mental Health Peer Support Worker.

“I needed volunteer work experience, and I just wanted to help communities in the city. After learning about the Centre’s programs while searching for online volunteer opportunities, Natalie decided to apply. “My dad was an immigrant from Germany, so coming from an immigrant family, volunteering at the Immigrant Centre felt close to home.” 

Helping someone adjust and feel like part of the community, seeing the student make progress and achieve milestones such as passing the citizenship test, and learning from the students has been fantastic, she says. I didn’t expect the level of connection that I made with my student. I didn’t expect it to be as meaningful as it is. I would invite other people to volunteer because what you get back is unreal.”