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Volunteer of the Month

Omran Zahrab

Oman Zahrab  arrived in Canada from Iraq in 2018. “I am Kurdish from Syria, and I was a refugee in Iraq for six years.” While in Iraq, Omran was a teacher at Cambridge International School and the British International School, and volunteered in Kurdish and Yazidi camps.  

Giving back to the community is important to Omran, so when he arrived in Winnipeg, he continued to volunteer within the Kurdish, Yazidi, Syrian and Muslim communities. Omran first visited the Immigrant Centre, when he accompanied some clients who needed an Interpreter, and he later participated in some workshops and events at the IC.  

Currently, Omran works as an Employment Facilitator at the Centre; however, he still volunteers as a Translator for our Language Services Department.  So why does he continue to volunteer? Omran’s response is simple. “As a team player and one of the IC values, I do not only do my part, I work by my heart. As a newcomer myself, I want to give a hand to all clients”, and that includes the ones he assists every day as an Employment Facilitator, and those that he can help as a volunteer.  Above all, seeing the “client’s satisfaction and happiness” makes him happy.