Immigrant Centre now open for in-person services.


Volunteer of the Month

Sarah Ragoub

Sarah Ragoub volunteers as a One-on-One English Tutor. Her attentiveness to her student’s needs and enthusiasm for teaching has made her a stand-out volunteer, whose contribution toward supporting and helping her student learn and grow has been immeasurable. 

How did you hear about the Immigrant Centre (IC)?

I have first heard about the Immigrant Centre through my community in Winnipeg, where I learned about the great work and support that newcomers were able to find at the Centre. I then had the opportunity to volunteer on-site and meet other wonderful volunteers, and employees at the Immigrant Centre, and to now volunteer as an EAL tutor.

What attracted you to this organization in particular?

I find that newcomers and immigrants are an important part of our society. At times, their struggles and needs can be misunderstood and not addressed in the right manner. At the Immigrant Centre, the transition from the country they left to the country they immigrate into is done with tremendous efforts and a well-organized strategy, to be of support. This is what ultimately drove me to volunteer consistently with the Immigrant Centre; to be part of the support system put in place for those who need it.

What has your volunteer experience been like at IC?

I have had a great volunteer experience at the Immigrant Centre. Meeting the ones running the different programs and getting to see the different facilities at the Centre is impressive. I believe teaching is most efficient when based on the students’ interests, backgrounds and learning styles. The Immigrant Centre gives you the freedom to get to know the students and build a rapport and learning style for them. I am lucky to have students who are eager to learn and do not let any hurdles stop them from thriving.

What motivates you to remain involved with the IC?

The Immigrant Centre is organized, checks in with volunteers, and offers workshops for volunteers. This keeps me involved as it makes you feel like you are a part of the organization. My students at the Immigrant Centre also motivate me. They are here for different reasons; but with one main aim, which is to work on the betterment of themselves relentlessly. If that’s not motivation to be a volunteer at the Immigrant Centre, I don’t know what is!

Sarah’s student has had nothing but positive reviews about her performance. “Things are going good and well with my tutor (Mis Sarah). She is a good teacher. I really appreciate her.”