Immigrant Centre now open for in-person services.


Volunteer of the Month

Tayebeh Jafari

Tayebeh volunteers as a Translator and Interpreter. She has a BA degree in English and worked as a librarian in Iran. Tayebeh came to Canada in 2015, and was looking for an opportunity to work on her interest in translating. 

“I am thankful that the Immigrant Centre gave me this chance. Now, I am working at a school part-time, and my goal is to get a job as a teacher as well as a translator in the future.”

How did you hear about the Immigrant Centre (IC)?
In November 2015, when I was at the Entry program, a volunteer from IC talked about the Centre and its programs.

Why did you decide to volunteer at IC?
Volunteering is a good opportunity to gain knowledge and help people. Also, helping people makes me happy, so when I saw some volunteer name tags on the front desk of IC, I was so excited, and asked how I can be a volunteer here. 

What has your volunteer experience been like at IC?
My first experience as an Interpreter was at the Nutrition program in spring 2019. I appreciate Brianna, Nutrition Manager, for her help and enjoyable class. I am also a volunteer in the Language Bank, and I have enjoyed working with Rosa ( Language Bank Manager). She is the best.

Did you learn anything about the IC that you didn’t know before volunteering?
Yes. Before coming to the Centre, I didn’t know it very well, but after volunteering, I think it’s a great place for immigrants because of various services such as driver’s education lessons, group discussion, citizenship test class, making resumes, and filing taxes.