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Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Program

The Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Worker (NISW) program was created to help and support new immigrants in their own communities. NISW in 11 organizations provide services to permanent residents across Winnipeg.

Contact a NISW in your community to:

  • Get settlement information and orientation
  • Find programs and services in your community
  • Join special events for newcomers and their families
NISW classroom

About the NISW Coordinator

The NISW Coordinator mentors, supports, and offers orientation and guidance to NISW working across Winnipeg. Hosting this program at the Immigrant Centre has ensured a consistent message is given to all newcomers, along with providing a professional standard of practice and training among the NISWs.

The objective of the NISWs is to provide ongoing settlement support in newcomers’ communities, facilitating their initial transition and long-term integration into Canadian Society. The efficiency and success of this program is already being recognized and welcomed by other Service Providers and the wider community.