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Helping newcomers achieve their potential

The Immigrant Centre provides newcomers with free programs and services including settlement, employment, language, nutrition training, and verification of translations.


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Success Stories

Our mission is to help newcomers succeed through personalized settlement plans and community partnerships. Click here to read our clients’ success stories:

Mohammad Faran Shabbir

If you are good at something you’ll automatically get noticed.

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Alejandro Velazquez Lara

Never lose optimism!

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Stan Bell

(Immigrant Centre) gave me more self confidence.

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Ainsworth Saunderson

Keep applying and make follow up calls… persistence is the key.

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Indu Chawla

Most importantly, be patient and never give up.

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Sibhatu Gebremeskel

It is better to connect with the community

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Michael Olaniran

Social connections help

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Galina Shulgin

Follow their valuable suggestions, and keep trying

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Preetha James

Find a community of good hearted people

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Aristotle Ragonjan

Improved my edge in getting the job.

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Q. Alam

“She gave me a lot of encouragement and support that really helped boost my confidence”.

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Freitz Arenas

“(My Employment Facilitator) consistently following up”

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Evelyn Safari

“Even with little English they can get a work”

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Adegbola Adeniyi

Plan ahead and be prepared

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David Bolanos

(My Employment Facilitator) inspired and guided me.

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