Employment Services

We specialize in assisting newcomers with beginner to intermediate English levels (CLB 1-4) to find entry-level positions.

We provide coaching and training in plain English and various languages common to newcomers.

The majority of our clients start working in entry-level employment within 90 days.    

  • Waiting periods due to high demand for Employment Services:
    • 3-4 week waiting period to meet with Employment Facilitators in English, Amharic, Arabic, Blin, Japanese, Kormanji, Somali, Sorani, Spanish, Tigre, Tigrigna, Turkish
    • 14-16 week waiting period to meet with Employment Facilitators in Ukrainian or Russian

Request Employment Services

If not yet a client of Immigrant Centre Manitoba, firstregister online or in-person at 100 Adelaide Street.

Clients of Immigrant Centre Manitoba, complete theEMPLOYMENT SERVICES REQUEST FORM

Referrals to Employment Services

Case Workers/Settlement Facilitators, complete the ONLINE REFERRAL FORM or email the EXCEL REFERRAL FORM to

Who do we assist?

  • Permanent Residents: Refugees, Family Class, MPNP Nominees, Economic Class. etc. 
  • Valid Open Work Permit Holders: Refugee Claimants, International Students/Spouses, etc. 
  • Naturalized Citizens: Still needing specialized support

How do we help our clients?

All clients receive a one-on-one assessment and action plan with resume assistance followed by registration in  half-day workshops or one-on-one appointments for Job Search, Interview Preparation and Canadian Workplace Culture/Employee Rights training and support. 

Additional Food Handler Certificate, Emergency First Aid/CPR Certificate, Customer Service/Loss Prevention and Commercial Cleaning training is also available.

Clients receive daily job lead emails and are invited to attend weekly employer events and visits

Go to our YouTube Channel for Videos about our Employment Services

Employers – please see our Employer Page

Amie MembreƱo Manager of Employment Services, (204) 943-9158 Ext249