Success Stories

Click on the names of Immigrant Centre Employment Clients to read about how they found employment in Manitoba, and what advice they have for job seekers.

Anatolii Bezotosnyi – Ukraine – Cook

Try, try, try … Read More

Anna Grin – Russia – Material Handler

networking really drives things… Read More

Iryna Kashytsyna – Ukraine – Housekeeper

don’t expect that finding a job will be easy, so be patient and persevere…. Read More

Geoffry – Kenya – Construction Labourer

my neighbour … he connected me to my employer…. Read More

Yulliia Lysovska – Ukraine – Embroidery Machine Operator

Sent your resume everyday( min 3-5) … Read More

Hanna Baishka – Belarus – Kitchen Helper

Immigrant Centre Manitoba truly provides a huge help in newcomer’s employment,… Read More

Viktor Makarchuk – Ukraine – Assembler

try to create more social contacts,… Read More

Iryna Petchenko – Ukraine – Dishwasher

In Canada it takes a very long time to make a decision… Read More

Bernard Oppong Asiamah – Ghana – Grocery Clerk

Pray and continue applying for jobs never give up when you not getting immediate responses …. Read More

Nataliia Kyrykovych – Ukraine – Senior Administrator

long period of waiting for a response to an interview,… Read More

Viktoriia Ivanova – Ukraine – Housekeeper

Confidence and interview skills – Твпевності та навиків проходження співбесіди… Read More

Mohaned Gasm Alla – Sudan – General Worker

Canada’s difference is discipline in work and time … Read More

Yevgen Stolyetov – Ukraine – Technical Support Specialist

Hiring process is more complicated. … Read More

Oleksii Sukhanov – Ukraine – Electrical Assembler

Canada it’s like another world… Read More

Vadym Hordubei – Ukraine – General Worker

Make a best resume, and visit employers… Read More

Adebanjo Akala – Nigeria – Freight Costing Administrator

Be deliberate and define your immediate, medium and long term goals… Read More

Joy Goddy Agommuoh – Nigeria – Direct Support Worker

You must know how to resolve conflict… Read More

Olga Dotsenko – Ukraine – Cook

Food Handler certificate and First Aid certificate… Read More

Kouadio Antonin – Côte d’Ivoire – Teaching Assistant

Be patient and focus determined and not be discouraged, just continue trying…. Read More

Muhammad Shaofin Hoque – Bangladesh – Client Services Support

You must know your target jobs… Read More

Iryna Nikitina – Ukraine – Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist

More respect… Read More

Thao Vo – Vietnam – Child Care Assistant

Increase often interaction with supervisor to have the job done… Read More

Hanna Kryzhanovska – Ukraine/Украина – Grider/шлифовка

Do not give up
не сдавайтесь… Read More

Reza Amini – Iran – General Labour

for success go there in person… Read More

Тарас – Ukraine / Україна – Maintenance / Майтененс

Навчитися відділяти факти від ввічливості.

Learn to separate facts from politeness…. Read More

Halyna Kondratiuk – Ukraine – Housekeeper

Any job in Canada is an experience… Read More

Onwuka Esther – Nigeria – Direct Support Worker

happy i got a job through them… Read More

Oleksandr Kanunykov – Ukraine – Sandblaster

Without a car license, it is extremely difficult to find a job here…. Read More

Genesis Aguilar – Philippines – Technical Support Representative

Keep connecting to people that can help you… Read More

Olha Kushniryk – Ukraine – Lecturer / Instructor

great facilitators Manami Alexander and Olga Safroshkina… Read More

Iryna Breha – Ukraine – Cook Helper

Different mentality… Read More

Olena Lutsykovych – Ukraine – Sterilization Technician

contact with employers in person,… Read More

Jesús Donat Gisbert – Spain – Maintenance Technician

ask everyone, make friends, socialize,… Read More

Nataliia Kolos – Ukraine – Seamstress

be careful when choosing an employer… Read More

Elina – Ukraine – Production Worker

Dont give up! It can be exhausting but never dont give up… Read More

Eduardo Serrano – Colombia – Production Assembler

look for job BEFORE coming… Read More

Mahmoud Mohamed – Egypt – Front Desk Agent

Applying online is not enough… Read More

Oluwafunmilayo Olley – Nigeria – Direct Support Professional

be very active and ask questions… Read More

Valentyna Vyhovska – Ukraine – Health Care Aide

I like Canada, especially the city of Winnipeg. There is a lot of sun and good people here…. Read More

Volodymyr Shapoval – Ukraine – Assistant Wastewater Specialist

Quite a comfortable country to work in… Read More

Nadiia Litynska – Ukraine – Member Service Representative

I would advise you to participate in ALL the events provided by the immigration center!… Read More

Oleksandr Volovenko – Ukraine – Road Worker

Використовувати всі методи пошуку роботи…. Read More

Oksana Vovchenko – Ukraine – Consultant

Canada value good specialists… Read More

Danylo Stytsun – Ukraine – Sales/Warehouse

“victory loves preparation”… Read More

Oleksandr Barbin – Ukraine – Painter (Construction)

In Canada, compared to Ukraine, the time for searching and also hiring is greatly extended…. Read More

Yurii Rohach – Ukraine – Order Picker

подавав заявки онлайн, сайти пошуку роботи… Read More

Lada Vifliantseva – Ukraine – Cook

Take your resume to the employer in person… Read More

Andrii Tarasov – Ukraine – Quality Assurance Specialist

Work on your resume…. Read More

Iulianiia Novikova – Russia – Sales Floor Agent

Don’t sit still. Send and distribute resumes every day…. Read More

Neha Upneja – India – Customer Service Representative

In Canada, recruiters focus on soft skills… Read More

Iryna Babenko – Ukraine – Housekeeper

Don’t stop looking and don’t give up…. Read More

Emily Emotin – Philippines – Customer Relations Specialist

Margaret Ko… patiently helped me practice the interview session to gain confidence…. Read More

Iryna – Ukraine – CNC Operator

(They) wrote my resume, taught me how to apply for jobs, gave me more self-confidence,… Read More

Roberto Menendez – Guatemala – Administrative Assistant

You’re going to have more chances to find a job if you knock a lot of doors…. Read More

Rafael Singame – Brazil – Service Technician/Mechanic

Be brave, be bold, persist but do not insist on the same old mistakes…. Read More

Roman Iuryst – Ukraine – Carpenter

In Canada, decent wages and conditions, a huge selection of work and conditions for technical specialists…. Read More

Sedat Cavdar -Turkey – Director of Newcomer Services

Here in Canada, … soft skills are … as important as hard skills…. Read More

Ivan Marquez – Mexico – Cashier

In Canada, respecting employees’ time away from work is crucial, and the environment at work is less stressful…. Read More

Ali Rizvi, Pakistan, Commercial Banking Associate

Don’t feel shy to start any job even though it is not relevant to your profession… Read More

Konstantin Zherebilo, Russia, Software Developer

Stay calm and composed… don’t panic, bare with people and you’ll be rewarded…. Read More

Maria Eugenia Porras, Venezuela, Direct Support Worker

A person who works in Canada can feel more safe than in my country… Read More

Yuliia, Ukraine, Florist

When a big war started in Ukraine I came to Canada with my little son and I need to earn money… Read More

Jamelle Santos, Philippines, Customer Service Coordinator

Do not lose hope. And expand your network. Job referrals are way more faster than to apply job online…. Read More

Loyda Angel, El Salvador, Cleaner

Employers  respect your rights. The pay is good… Read More

Halima Mir, Bangladesh, Teacher’s Assistant

Develop your soft skills… Read More

Harold Bernal, Philippines, Administrative Assistant

There’s more work life balance and there’s fair compensation… Read More

Celia Nguyen, Vietnam, Interpreter

They searched relevant jobs that I am interested in and shared (them with) me to apply…. Read More

Adegbola Abiodun – Nigeria – Coordinator

My Employment Facilitator, Manami Alexander is a wonderful mentor!… Read More

Mussarat Jabeen – Pakistan – Mentor Settlement

In Canada there is more dedication towards job. Punctuality, Government support,… Read More

Olawumi Awoniyi – Nigeria – Customer Service Representative

IC organized numerous prospective employers to discuss job vacancies via zoom…. Read More

Damilola Jemilua – Nigeria – Customer Service Representative

My employment facilitator was super helpful even on weekends…. Read More

Nada – Iraq – Housekeeper

Hidru is amazing facilitator he help me,… Read More

Faezeh – Iran – Interpreter

My kind facilitator informed me about some good positions…. Read More

Camilo Moreno – Colombia – Assembler

the resume is completely different in format, layout and content… Read More

Ka Yan Fung – Hong Kong

I got my first job within three months with the support of the immigrant center…. Read More

Dulcilene Monteiro – Brazil – Uncertified Health Care Aide

here I have more opportunity to get a job… Read More

Brayan Arita – Guatamala – Health Care Aide

Is definitely more organize, regulated, and easier to be hire without to much process… Read More

Blessings Forbes – Jamaica – Support Worker

Your salary is sure and my co-workers are warm and friendly…. Read More

Misbah Majid – Pakistan – Office Manager

The office environment is so informal and relax that is a big positive difference I noticed here… Read More

Himal – India – Cashier

Don’t loose hope and be specific on every thing… Read More

Annick Bigirimana – Rwanda – Uncertified Health Care Aide

Working in Canada is better because the time is fixed , materials are available… Read More

Solumkenechukwu Obiefuna – Nigeria – Customer Care Representative

Don’t do too much on your résumé. Be confident in interviews…. Read More

Jared Fernandez – Philippines – Software Developer

Be patient and while waiting, prepare!… Read More

Atul Injatkar – India – Production Buyer

Canadian companies are very focused on productivity…. Read More

Verónica Mazariegos – Guatemala – Sewing Machine Operator

We can make a different life, take different ways, just enjoy about our new style of living…. Read More

Lorena Diet – Chile – Cleaner

In Canada work is more effective and efficient and the treatment of workers is very respectful… Read More

Lakhvir Kaur Toor – India – Uncertified Health Care Aide

Be patient and prepare your resume with your best outcome features on it…. Read More

Bamidele Sanusi – Nigeria – Service Desk Agent

Had the opportunity to engage friends and recruiters in conversations and that was very helpful in the process…. Read More

Pedro Jaya -Ecuador – Production Worker

IC taught me how to write my resume, focusing in the tasks that employer is looking for…. Read More

Neguse Giday -Ethiopia – Member Service Representative

Do not limit yourself to online applications during your job search and expand network…. Read More

Archie Gabani – India – Cashier

Here I noticed that everyone in Canada has so sweet nature especially managers and owners…. Read More

Maria Cerpas – Nicaragua – Language Service Facilitator

Immigrant Center helped me understand how the Canadian workforce works… Read More

Karina Ortiz – Colombia – Human Resource Assistant

I feel like there is more respect for other times here in Canada… Read More

Emmanuel Nwaneri – Nigeria – PHIMS Data Entry Clerk

IC sent me available positions to apply…. Read More

Apid – Nepal – Program Coordinator

They gave my tips on job interview… Read More

Brayan Arita – Guatemala – Health Care Aide

Clients of IC have better opportunities to get a job… Read More

Gurvinder Kaur – India – Community Support Worker

I always took job alerts very seriously…… Read More

Wendy Nguyen – Vietnam – Health Care Aide

Working in Canada needs more team work that includes communication with my colleagues… Read More

Esther – El Salvador – Uncertified Health Care Aide

I had a good facilitator with a lot of experience,… Read More

Urvashi Noulia – India – Clerk

My advice is go directly and submit your resume direct to the manager… Read More

Moji Mohammed – Nigeria – Community Bookkeeper

I received regular updates/emails about job fairs/careers shows…. Read More

Shaista Anjum – Pakistan – Research Assistant

(My Employment Facilitator) used to send me jobs list relevant to me…. Read More

Sedat Cavdar -Turkey – ESL Curriculum Writer

Improve… soft skills and learn about the workplace culture in Canada…. Read More

Adam Ageed – Sudan (Darfour) – Factory Worker

I had a strong desire to work… Read More

Dawit Tesfamariam – Eritrea – Upholsterer

Canadan people are kind and friendly… Read More

Alisa Kotelnikova – Russia – Baker

Manitobans are really friendly

Photo of baked goods.

Photo of Alisa…. Read More

Sandeep Kaur – India – Operations Specialist

I am earning good and living a happy life…. Read More

Jigisha Shah – India – Cashier Associate

They direct us to some wonderful opportunities… Read More

Kay Morris-Samuels – Jamaica – Housekeeping Aide

Be patient and trust the process,… Read More

Dickens Opee – Kenya – General Labourer

Fine tune the targeted resume for each job advertised…. Read More

Vincent Samuels – Jamaica – Warehouse Worker

They really made me feel understood and important…. Read More

Nopporn Chanmekha – Thailand – Agency Associate

Most importantly, do not give up…. Read More

Mohammad Faran Shabbir – Pakistan – Software Engineer

If you are good at something you’ll automatically get noticed…. Read More

Alejandro Velazquez Lara – Mexico – Store Clerk

Never lose optimism!… Read More

Stan Bell – Cameroon – Concierge/Auxiliaire Enseignant

(Immigrant Centre) gave me more self confidence…. Read More

Ainsworth Saunderson – Jamaica – Chef

Keep applying and make follow up calls… persistence is the key…. Read More

Indu Chawla – India – Security Officer

Most importantly, be patient and never give up…. Read More

Sibhatu Gebremeskel – Eritrea – Dishwasher

It is better to connect with the community… Read More

Michael Olaniran – Nigeria – Direct Support Worker

Social connections help… Read More

Galina Shulgin – Ukraine – Cleaner

Follow their valuable suggestions, and keep trying… Read More

Preetha James – India – Operations Specialist

Find a community of good hearted people… Read More

Aristotle Ragonjan – Philippines – Manufacturing Operator

Improved my edge in getting the job…. Read More

Q. Alam – Bangladesh – Cashier

“She gave me a lot of encouragement and support that really helped boost my confidence”…. Read More

Evelyn Safari – Congo – Production Worker

“Even with little English they can get a work”… Read More

Adegbola Adeniyi – Nigeria – Technical Advisor

Plan ahead and be prepared… Read More

David Bolanos – Colombia – Commercial Lines Broker

(My Employment Facilitator) inspired and guided me…. Read More

Bassam Kamal El Dein – Egypt – Customer Service Representative

Make resume customized to each job…. Read More

Alejandro Velazquez Lara – Mexico – Store Clerk

The more available you are, the more chances to be considered…. Read More

Mayeth Rebutoc – Philippines – Trans-border Coordinator

Do not hesitate to seek help… Read More

Mohamed Abdi – Somali – General Labourer

Canada has more…… Read More

Niketa Patel – India – Food Advisor

Know Canadian job culture…. Read More

Sumeet Singh – India – Outbound Sales Representative

You are not over burdened here…. Read More

Frances Mugoloza – Uganda – Dietary Aide/Cook

Make first contact with Immigrant Centre for better employment opportunities… Read More

Ramil Ibanez – Singapore – Line Production

Be patient… and don’t be so choosy…. Read More

Ramandeep Chawla – India – Security Guard

It’s very tough work in Canada…. Read More

Chol John Akech – South Sudan – Summer Associate

Take training done by the immigrant centre seriously… Read More

Aliyi Gemedo Jama – Ethipoia – Cleaner

Learn more about the job and company…. Read More

Mohammad Morshedur Rahman – Bangladesh – Security Officer

Join the agencies like Immigrant Center … to develop soft skills… Read More

Zhengtong Hu – China – Java Software Developer

Focus on your own competence… Read More

Abhijot Chohan – India – Receptionist

There is no difference between male and female…. Read More

Omolara Aloba – Nigeria – Customer Service Representative

Go all out… Read More

Hailong Zhang – China – Warehouse Person

In Canada, I work at a faster pace, but safety is prior to fast speed,… Read More

Aaron Rukundo – Democratic Republic of Congo – Bag Assistant Operator

She was hospitable and welcoming to me…. Read More

Jonathan Rodriguez – Colombia – Intraday Workforce Analyst

If you don’t know someone, searching is hard… Read More

Karim Mesbahi – Algeria – Production Supervisor

Canadian companies look for a personality first, my former country they look for skills first…. Read More

Hunain Ali – Pakistan – Personal Shopper

If you’re unable to get work in the first 3 weeks of landing, immediately go to IC –… Read More

Hamid – Algeria – Customer Service Representative

Get any job as newcomer… Read More

Harpreet Brar – India – Dining Server

Nestor Santos is very kind and helpful, because of him I got job…. Read More

Polina Andrushko – Ukraine – Child Care Assistant

Be ready that you may start from the bottom and will have to learn everything… Read More

Abdinoor Aden – Ethiopia – Loss Prevention Officer

The best thing they gave me was a motivation…. Read More

Giang Nam Nguyen – Vietnam – Technical Service Representative

Coming to a new country as an immigrant is a hard but hopeful journey…. Read More

Leonardo Diamante – Brazil – Senior Analyst Actuary

Gave tips in my Presentation Letter… Read More

Sajib Khan – Bangladesh – Small Business Advisor

HOPE… Read More

Sakshi Wadhawan – India – Crew Member

They help us to find jobs… Read More

Almontaser Bellah Al Jajeh – Syria – Facilitator

We as immigrants and newcomers should aspire to tell our own stories of who we are as professionals and as unique individuals as authentically as possible…. Read More

Anthony Adams – Ghana – Mill Operator

Employer events through Immigrant Centre… Read More

Jenny Ischakov – Israel – Child Care Assistant

I had a good and pleasant connection with facilitator, feeling that they are there when I need them…. Read More

Adeniyi Gbadamosi – Nigeria – Security Guard

Newcomers should follow the process and should be ready to diversify…. Read More

Dibwe Katodi Gilain – Democratic Republic of Congo – Construction Assistant

They helped me to get certified for First Aid, gave me more self confidence, taught me interview skills…. Read More

Jaymin Patel – India – Customer Service Representative

Do some education or certificate courses to get your dream job once you settle down rather than doing multiple jobs at the same time…. Read More

Aderonke Taiwo – Nigeria – Securities Administrator

They should not just sit down to keep taking courses. They should get up and go out to look for the job they want…. Read More

Silava – Syria – Educational Assistant

Reem loved me and gave me support and help so I began giving support and help to others…. Read More

Deepak Malhotra – Graphic Designer

Personally I feel, your resume is everything, your resume and cover letter is everything which impresses the employer…. Read More

Edwin Vasquez – Colombia – Java Developer

Thanks to the English Sessions, I improved my English skills gaining more confidence and that definitely helped me during the interviews…. Read More

Mariko Mizutani -Japan – Cashier

Gave me some resume draft, some workshops, took me a job hunting tour…. Read More

Muhammed Huri – Syria – Construction Worker

The immigration center is very good. I thank all the staff…. Read More

Isaac Adegbola – Nigeria – Road Rescue Agent

At the Immigrant centre met my employment coach who helped me revise my resume, did mock interviews for me,… Read More

Harpreet Kaur – India – Security Guard

Helped me in interview preparation, getting first aid and non violence conflict management certificate…. Read More

Yosef Gebreysus – Eritrea – Machine Operator

Immigrant centre helped me a lot, they wrote my resume and they gave me more training on how to do with the interview…. Read More

Maxim Musikhin – Russia – General Labourer

In Canada I work at a faster pace; there are more rules; there is more respect in the workplace than in my home country…. Read More

Shweta Sawant – India – Customer Service Representative

My facilitator, Farwa really was very supportive throughout the process. She encouraged me a lot,… Read More

Yasira Chavarria – Nicaragua – Contact Centre Report Analyst

It helps me to understand the work culture and feel more confident in the job interview…. Read More

Ayako Yagi – Japan – Japanese Teacher

Provide me skill training… Read More

Syeda Qurat Ul Ain Ayaz – Pakistan – Industrial Engineering Technologist

Immigrant Center was a great resource to me throughout my job search. my Employment Facilitator supported me in all aspects from resume ,… Read More

Ann Marie McLaughlin – Jamaica – Housekeeper

My employment consultant Farwa helped me with my resume, she also gave me more self confidence…. Read More

Raka Badhwar – India – ITEP Teacher

Helped me in designing a Canadian style resume , helped me with resources to look for jobs…. Read More

Jie Wei – China – Childcare Assistant

Yes (wrote my resume, taught me how to apply for jobs, gave me more self-confidence,… Read More

Juan M Vasquez Lopez – Colombia – Work Flow Coordinator

Helped me to improve my resume. To find good sources to apply for jobs. Like job fairs…. Read More

Naman Ahmed – Bangladesh – Customer Service Representative

Helped to write my resume, interview training workshops helped me, the books are also helpful and organized…. Read More

Suilarso Japit – Indonesia – Software Operations Analyst

Immigrant Center help me to write well structured resume, prepare myself for interview, inform me whenever there was jobs session at immigrant center,… Read More

Igor – Moldova – Cashier

Helped to create a resume, gave advice to follow up and interview tips… Read More

Svitlana Abrameytseva – Ukraine – Customer Service Representative

IC gave me more self-confidence, taught me interview skills…. Read More

Amparo Chavarro – Colombia – Store Associate

Immigrant Centre taught me how to apply for jobs…. Read More

Moustafa Almustafa – Syria – Donation Attendant

Help me in my CV and how to handle the interview and what should I do if there is harassment and many things…. Read More