Success Stories

Damilola Jemilua – Nigeria – Customer Service Representative

Country: Nigeria

Date Hired: March 14, 2022

Job Title: Customer Service Representative

Employer: HGS

How did the Immigrant Centre help you to find a job in Canada?
Immigrant Centre gave me resume template, taught me how to apply for jobs, sent daily job vacancies to me, helped me get certified for Customer Service jobs, First Aid/CPR, Food Handlers at no cost. Organized prospective employers to discuss job vacancies via zoom. My employment facilitator was super helpful even on weekends.

What types of job search techniques did you use to find your job?
Job search, Immigrant Centre daily job posting, Applied Online etc.

What differences have you noticed between working in Canada and working in your home country?
The Work-life balance in Canada is Excellent.

What advice would you give to immigrants and newcomers looking for work?
Always check in with Immigrant Centre once you arrive in Canada they are super helpful with trainings and job search at no cost.