Volunteer of the Month

Ginny Toni

Ginny joined the Immigrant Centre volunteer team five years ago as a Citizenship Class Facilitator. Since then, she has helped many newcomers prepare for their citizenship test and learn about Canada’s history, government, economy, geography and much more. 

In June 2020, she became the first volunteer to teach Citizenship Classes online, when due to pandemic restrictions, in-person service was not possible. Ginny approached this new experience with patience and perseverance and was able to successfully teach our first online citizenship course to a group of seven clients. 

How did you first hear about the Immigrant Centre (IC)?

I had heard about the Immigrant Centre from a newcomer refugee family I was helping out with at another resettlement organization.  I then saw an Immigrant Centre poster looking for volunteers to facilitate citizenship classes for newcomers. Having recently retired from practising law, I was looking for an interesting way to make a contribution so I thought I would like to give it a try. 

What has your volunteer experience been like at IC?

It has been a fun and rewarding experience.  I have also learned more about Canada including its history in the process.   The Immigrant Centre staff have been welcoming and helpful.  The diversity of the students reminds me of the diverse culture Canada has become and I’m proud to have played a part.


Thank you, Ginny, for assisting our clients in their settlement journey. You have helped many newcomers achieve their dream of becoming Canadian citizens, and we are very thankful that you are on our volunteer team.