Volunteer of the Month

Harihar Shrestha

Harihar Shrestha volunteers in our Cooking Matters program, where he has proven himself to be consistent and dependable. He initially joined the program as a client, but later returned to contribute as a volunteer. According to Nutrition Services Manager Briana Henry, he has truly shone in his role. 

“Harihar has been a rock in the Saturday morning Cooking and Nutrition Classes since January 2023.  He comes prepared and is ready to support the class. He has also taken the role of demonstrating the snack to our clients. He has improved his confidence in public speaking and gets joy from sharing knowledge with others. He takes pride in his work and cares about those around him. Harihar is kind and compassionate to everyone, including our clients and volunteers. He is a hard-working gentleman. I am glad I met him and had the pleasure to work with him.” 

We asked Harihar to share his experience as a volunteer, and here’s what he had to say in his own words.

How did you first hear about the Immigrant Centre (IC)?

I was on a quest for Canadian culinary knowledge and experience, scrolling through websites in search of cooking classes. That’s when I stumbled upon the Immigrant Centre (IC). To my delight, IC was offering classes that not only teach the art of preparing delicious meals but also align with Canadian Food Guidelines (CFG), making it healthier as well. The positive reputation of the organization’s dedication to assisting newcomers like me to Canada further piqued my interest.

What attracted you to this organization in particular?

What drew me to the Immigrant Centre was its commitment to providing essential support and resources to newcomers. I was inspired by the welcoming and wonderful atmosphere where I could truly be a part of it.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

I decided to volunteer because I believe that giving back to the community is not only fulfilling but also a way to contribute positively to society. Volunteering at the Immigrant Centre allowed me to share my passion for cooking and nutrition while helping newcomers adjust to life and food in Canada. It provided a practical experience of showcasing CFG foods, making food preparation enjoyable, and offering insight through grocery tours to learn more about the grocery items found in Canada and Manitoba.

What was your volunteer experience like at IC?

My volunteer experience at IC has been incredibly rewarding and full of fun, and I’ve always enjoyed working with the team. Working as a Cooking & Nutrition Class volunteer has given me the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, learn about their cultures, and, in turn, share my knowledge and skills. It’s been a truly enriching experience as every day I was able to learn and grow more while volunteering with excellent team members and clients.

Thank you Harihar!