Volunteer of the Month

Manpreet Kaur

In spring this year, Manpreet joined the Immigrant Centre for her student internship in our Employment Services department. Her ability to quickly learn and adapt to the work environment was soon evident, and she effortlessly became part of our team. After completing her internship, Manpreet chose to stay on as a volunteer in our Language Services Department, providing much appreciated support to the staff.

How did you first hear about the Immigrant Centre (IC)?

I learned about this organization from my college MITT and completed my internship at the Immigrant Centre

What attracted you to this organization in particular?

The welcoming staff and cheerful environment. The organization is diverse, and I love working and learning in a diverse environment. It would be a pleasure to learn about different cultures in one place.

Why did you decide to volunteer, particularly after your practicum placement was over?

My experience as a practicum student was best and I got to know that we can volunteer at such a good place and can learn immense skills. For me, this is the best place to develop your personal and professional skills. I have learned Canadian Workplace Skills here.

What has your volunteer experience been like at IC?

My experience working as a volunteer is best. I have never seen such a good place with lots of positive vibes. As a volunteer, I never felt like I was just a worker. We all work as a family. Lots of love.

Thank you, Manpreet! We are grateful for your help and support, and we are happy that you chose our Centre for your student internship and now as a volunteer!