Volunteer of the Month

Osita Ogidi

Osita Ogidi volunteers as a Conversation Group Facilitator teaching an English class once per week to newcomers. He began his volunteer role in October 2022 and has returned every term since then, to not only help clients but also to assist new volunteers who are just getting started.

Osita brings with him a breadth of knowledge and experience working with EAL learners. He has a BA (English/Education), M.Ed. (English), MA (ESL) and a Ph.D. (Language Education). He has also completed all of the Immigrant Centre’s EAL Workshops for volunteers. In addition to his impressive academic background, he taught English for Academic Purposes at the University of Manitoba, and at the McLeod Adult Learning Centre. 

Osita also volunteers in his community. “I take delight in assisting immigrants in my church community in preparing for meeting the English Language requirements for employment and further studies.”

How did you first hear about the Immigrant Centre (IC)? 

I got to know about the organisation through its website and through Dr. Rachael Fecyk-Lamb.

What attracted you to the organisation?

I was attracted by the mission, vision, and values of the organisation all of which resonate with me as an immigrant and an ESL professional.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

My passion for teaching adult learners of English and the desire to give back to the community informed my decision to volunteer. It’s always a rewarding experience to help my students thrive in communicating in English.

What was your volunteer experience like at the Immigrant Centre?

It has been simply amazing. The team under the leadership of Walter and Ann are very supportive, professional, and friendly. I have a very warm relationship with the staff and students. The organisation is a great place to volunteer.

Thank you Osita. We appreciate your commitment and contribution to helping newcomers succeed.