Cooking Matters – online!

Ever since Manitoba was elevated to level red in the #RestartMB pandemic response system, Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin’s messaging has been very clear: do not socialize with anyone from outside your household. In keeping with Dr. Roussin’s recommendations, we moved our Cooking and Nutrition classes online. This helps us keep our staff, volunteers and clients safe, while ensuring that newcomers receive useful information on healthy eating and affordable grocery shopping.

Our Nutrition Services Manager teaching students how to make healthy, delicious muffins

With the heightened restrictions, and the loss of jobs that came with them, it is more important than ever to ensure that newcomers have a safe space to learn how to make healthy and tasty meals without breaking the bank, but also to socialize with others outside of their household and immediate circle, to combat the isolation many are experiencing these days.

Some of the meals prepared at home by our clients

Nutrition Services received a heart-warming “Thank You” email from a past client of the cooking and nutrition classes that ended in July. This message highlights the positive impact that our program has on our clients, not only regarding nutrition, but many other aspects of their lives. This is an example of how our class has empowered and given confidence to improve their English, pursue further training in the food service industry, contribute to the community as a volunteer, and continue to cook and eat healthy at home after the program has been completed. Here is the message:

Hi Briana,

Since we finished Summer Program, I don’t contact you. I hope you are very well. This month, I finished food safety level 1 course and got a certificate. I am a volunteer at Norwest CO-OP Community Food Centre every Friday. I am a chef assistant. I don’t receive about English Class notice from Red River College. I called phone and sent email, they told me to wait. I continue to English Conversation Class from Immigration Center. I really thank you to help me join English Conversation Class and I enjoyed it.

I make Egg Sandwich Banana Muffin Carrot Cake Pizza and Baked Chicken Vegetables every week. I think these recipe is easily and simple now. Thank you teaching me to make these food.

Finally, thank you again for your help.

Take care,